1. Finest residences best Value!

With the rupee destined to gain strength against the dollar in the next few months, considering investments for a secure future is certainly the smart thing to do. While there are many options when it comes to investments, it is wise to remember the age-old mantra, “Land is the only thing in the world that churns back more than what it’s worth.” Considering the current economy, any individual’s best bet in terms of investments would thus be real estate.However, it is not only a ‘house’ per se that a person looks for, even as an investment. The environment, the facilities, the sense of community are all part of what human beings crave as social creatures, especially in the area where they live. Hence, we bring to you a wonderful opportunity for the perfect investment – not just a house, but a beautiful establishment in the natural settings of a magnificent city – Pondicherry.A city to which people from all over the country travel for leisure, Pondicherry is not just a group of buildings in a picturesque natural environment – it is well and truly a heritage town. Known as the French window of India, it brings together the delicate fineness of the French culture with the zesty exuberance expressed only by the essence of India.
With many sights of Nature certain to enthrall your senses with their mesmerizing beauty and majesty, Pondicherry also offers a number of man-made attractions as well. The world-renowned Aurobindo Asram and Aurovile situated here, along with several other marvelous sights.A city known for busy and bustling tourism, where Man and Nature live together in infinite peace and harmony, Pondicherry actually happens to be a planned one. With no trouble in terms of electricity or water, and with warm, friendly people surrounding you, it can never be wrong to devote to a home there. After all, investing in a house means investing in the right surroundings, and what better place to do so than in the pristine purity of Pondicherry?

2. Best value for your Forex

Fix the forex rate as on the date of receipt of payment for booking your residence and continue to enjoy the same conversion rate for all future payments, irrespective of any rupee appreciation. Your forex will earn the best value for your residence and will ensure guaranteed gains on your investment today itself.

3. Your Forex was never this rewarding!

As an exclusive limited period offer, get assured 5% upside on the dollar rate – an exchange rate that is better than anything you will get, from anywhere in the world. The following illustration will indicate how you stand to gain from this offer:

Date USD (5%) AED (4%) SGD (3%) HKD (3%)
Present Rate Best value assured by JENO maran Builders Present Rate Best value assured by JENO maran Builders Present Rate Best value assured by JENO maran Builders Present Rate Best value assured by JENO maran Builders
25/3/2014 60.05 63.05 16.33 16.98 47.22 48.63 7.74 7.97
15/10/2014 ** 55.00 63.05 15.00 16.98 45.00 48.63 6.5 7.97
15/7/2015** 45.00 63.05(*25% gain) 14.00 16.98 (*14% gain) 40.00 48.63 (*15% gain) 5.08 7.97(34% gain)

4. Offer on NRI Investment.

JENO maran group invites investments from NRI’s in multiples @Rs.15 Lakhs equivalent to $25,000/-. Which will carry an interest /profit of 12% per annum for investments? For 3 multiples guarantee bonds , provided as surety. Above 4 multiples of invest will be given with lien of Apartment units of equal valve of investment & guarantee bond for interest disbursement semi annually.

5. Special offer for NRI purchase.

  • Rent collection and deposit to your NRI account with nominal fee.
  • Maintenance of units.
  • Renting and leasing of units.
  • Resale of unit at appreciated price & transfer of funds to your NRI account.
  • Alterations, renovations, interior improvements periodical services on MEP.